Quality & Experience

Our products not only make the food easier and quicker to cook, but also ensure that the food is cooked perfectly.



Advanced Technology

Thanks to the additional technologies of the oven you will buy, you can cook more easily and save time.



Comfort in the kitchen

Enjoy excellent cooking results and convenience in the kitchen with the award-winning built-in ovens.


04 functional

functional ovens

Thanks to the cooking programs, you can choose the setting you want and ensure that every dish is cooked exactly as you want it.



About Us

Odul is an experienced Turkish manufacturer that started its production activities in 1973 and Company has produced different kinds of home appliances for years. Currently it has been producing both gas and electrical cooking ranges and all built-in ranges. Odul continues its activities on a 65.000 square meter closed area with the modern technology. Besides this, ODUL has been manufacturing in the name of many international and local well-known OEM brands for different markets.

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About Us

Ödül Madeni Eşya continues its production by following the latest trends.

Ödül Madeni Eşya, it manufactures all its products in accordance with today's technology.

Ödül Madeni Eşya is a company that has the principle of producing quality products.

Ödül Metal Goods always acts in accordance with the principle of happy customers by giving the support of all products.

All Products

Discover an extensive selection of culinary essentials in our product lineup, featuring a diverse range of cooking appliances including free-standing ovens, built-in hobs, cooker hoods, and midi ovens. The perfect blend of style and functionality to elevate your kitchen experience.



Our products carry certifications tailored to different regions, ensuring compliance with international standards and guaranteeing the highest quality.

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