ODUL COMPANY started ıts productıon actıvıtes ın 1973. Company has produced dıfferent kınds of home applıances sınce the foundatıon year. Currently we are producıng gas or electrıcal cookıng ranges, mıdı ovens and electrıcal heaters.


ODUL COMPANY started its production activites in 1973. Company has produced different kinds of home appliances since the foundation year. Currently we are producing gas or electrical cooking ranges, midi ovens and electrical heaters.

Odul continues its activities on a 41.000 squaremeter open and 25.000 squaremeter closed area with the modern technology. Our main brands are ODUL, TROPHY and LOFRATELLI brands Company is also doing OEM brands for different big group of companies in the international markets.

Odul is currently exporting more than 82 different countries all over the world. Our company main vision is serving the best quality with the best service to all our clients all over the world. Company is continuing its activities in modern plants with the high qualified engineers and well experinced company staffs. Company have all related international quality standarts and certifications for the different type of products. Company is awarded by CE, CB, SASO, SONCAP, GOSTR, TSE and some other international certification. Company main aim is “continuous customer satisfaction and best quality products”.